COATNET is a global network of Christian organisations working to combat human trafficking and assist survivors of modern slavery.

The network links over 45 Christian organisations fighting human trafficking. Co-ordinated by Caritas Internationalis, we have Christian (Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox) members from 39 countries, and co-operate with other faith and civil society organisations worldwide.

COATNET members base their fight against human trafficking on shared Christian values and principles, such as the love of God, the inviolability of human dignity, solidarity with the poor and nonviolence.



We help people vulnerable to traffickers, with education, counselling, economic opportunities. We fight root causes like poverty and inequality


We push for policies on safe migration, anti-trafficking laws and their enforcement and decent working conditions


We help survivors of trafficking start a new life and get access to justice


We raise public awareness of human trafficking


We co-ordinate assistance across borders, sharing information and best practice


COATNET together with Caritas Internationalis get engaged in international advocacy actions to ensure just and lasting change in the lives of vulnerable to human trafficking people and defend the rights of human trafficking victims. For this purpose, it pushes for policies on safe migration, anti-trafficking laws and their enforcement and decent working conditions for all.


COATNET members believe:

Advocacy is one of the concrete ways of expressing the social dimension of proclaiming the “Good News”. At the heart of Advocacy are the most vulnerable, and the way of engaging them to challenge injustice and oppression and make changes happen.

Advocacy is the process, based on evidence, to directly and indirectly influence decision-makers, stakeholders and relevant audiences to support and implement actions in defence and promotion of the common good and full enforcement of human rights.

Advocacy initiatives are carried out by organised and aware citizens and organisations to promote and influence the formulation and implementation of public policies and programmes, through dialogue and/or pressure put on local or national state authorities, national and international private corporations, and other actors with decision-making powers – such as inter-governmental or multilateral organisations. To know more about advocacy in Caritas Internationalis Network, please download the attachment below.

COATNET advocates for anti-trafficking policies in such international organizations as UNODC (United Nations Organization on Drugs and Crimes), OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights) through bringing voices of victims and concerns of members of the Network.

COATNET and Caritas Internationalis advocacy statements on human trafficking:

  1. Caritas Statement for the United General Assembly High Level Meeting on the implementation of the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. (27.09.17)
  2. Statement on the International Day for Abolition of Slavery, November 2017 
  3. Oral presentation at the 37th session of the Human Rights Council, June 2017
  4. Caritas joint statement on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons FR | ES (30/7/17)
  5. Children at risk of trafficking remain invisible. Identification is important” Caritas’s statement at the 35th Session of HRC (9/6/17)
  6. International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking (2/2/16)
  7. Caritas and partners to advance fight against Human Trafficking (12/11/15)
  8. World Day Against Trafficking: Migrants and asylum seekers are vulnerable to modern slavery (30/07/15)
  9. Human Trafficking in crisis situations: Side event of Caritas Internationalis at HRC (26/6/15)


COATNET is open to new members, and to cooperation with organisations fighting the same cause and sharing the same values. We welcome enquiries about advocacy, campaigning or donating. Find out more about joining us by clicking the link below.